Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Browse our collection of family favourite meals for deliciously simple and crowd-pleasing recipes to get supper on the table in a jiffy. Find easy cheesecake recipes to make a show-stopping end to any dinner.

Apple Dutch Baby flannel cake

Prep time: quarter-hour Cooking time: twenty minutes Servings: four Nutrients per serving:

Rice Dessert (Kheer)

Ingredients : • two oz basmati rice • four cups full-fat milk •...

Potatoes & Cauliflower Stew (Aloo Gobi)

Ingredients: • a pair of potatoes • ½ cauliflower • three...

Moong Bean Soup (Moong Dal)

Ingredients : • four oz moong beans • one medium sized carrot –...

Chili Chicken (Tandoori Chicken)

Ingredients : • two lbs chicken drumsticks • ½ onion – finely cut • Garlic – four cloves...

Butter Chicken (Murgh Maghani)

Ingredients • a pair of lbs chicken drumsticks • one onion...

The Superb Indian Food

Chick Pea Pancakes (Besan Cheela) Ingredients ...

Rocky Road Bites

Prepare time :  twenty min Cook : a pair of time unit thirty min

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