Chick Pea Pancakes (Besan Cheela)


• vi oz Chick meal or buck flour
• Spinach
• one onion – diced
• one inexperienced chili
• con temporary coriander
• one clove garlic
• one tbsp ginger – grated
• one tsp coriander powder
• one tsp paprika
• one tsp turmeric
• one tbsp oil
• two tsp salt
• Water

Cooking directions

Mix all ingredients in a very bowl and add water till the batter is pourable and while not lumps. Ladle one portion of batter on to associate degree oiled pan on medium heat and unfold the mixture. Cook the hotcake till darkened and tender then flip the hotcake and repeat.
The batter changes consistency once resting, therefore it’d be necessary to feature additional water to the blending bowl throughout preparation.
Best served with: Mint Indian relish and tamarind sauce.

Carrot Halwa (Gajar ka Halwa)

Ingredients : 

• 2 lbs carrots

• 6 cups full-fat milk

• 3–4 oz sugar

• 4 cardamom pods – seeds crushed

• 2 oz raisins (optional)

Cooking Instructions : 

Peel and grate the carrots. Add the grated carrots, milk, and sugar to the deep bottomed pot and bring to a simmer on medium to low heat while stirring once in a while. When most of the milk has evaporated, stir continuously and add the cardamom and raisins. Continue stirring until the milk has evaporated completely. Cool and serve.

If made with milk with a lower fat content, then 1 tbsp of ghee or butter should be added.


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