Ingredients :

• two lbs chicken drumsticks
• ½ onion – finely cut
• Garlic – four cloves
• one tbsp ginger
• three tsp coriander powder
• one tbsp cumin
• ½ tsp paprika
• Red seasoning – to style
• one 1/3 cups dairy product
• Red food coloring (optional)

Cooking directions :

in a tight Best served with: contemporary tossed salad. usually served with sliced and salt-cured onion in juice.

Mix all ingredients except chicken mix chicken and marinade instrumentality (Tupperware or plastic bag). Marinade for a minimum of two hours, ideally long. in a bowl.

The British cook Heston Blumenthal has gone nice lengths to seek out the proper marinating time for chicken. employing a tomography scan the optimum time was discovered to be ten hours. unneeded to mention most readers won’t have that point accessible.

The 2 hours should be thought-about a minimum, whereas five hours ought to be prescribed adequate.


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