Ingredients :

four oz moong beans
• one medium sized carrot – finely sliced
• 1/3 zucchini – finely sliced
• one onion– finely sliced
• one giant tomato
• one tbsp ginger
• one tsp cumin seeds
• one tsp turmeric
• one tsp paprika
• one tsp coriander powder
• Dash of asafoetida• two tsp salt
• one tbsp sliced coriander leaves
• two cups water
• one tbsp oil

Cooking directions:

Carefully rinse the moong beans. Add oil and cumin seeds to a pot and roast on medium/high heat till golden. Add the onion, carrot, and ginger and sauté till the onion becomes clear. Add the spices, except the coriander leaves, and roast for some moments. Add the zucchini, moong beans and water and simmer for forty min. on low heat. When done, add coriander leaves and serve.

If the dekalitre is readily employing a sterilizer on a kitchen stove it’s necessary to use rock bottom potential flame, because the food can burn otherwise. Also, to create the dekalitre sander, strive to whisk it when cookery to interrupt up the lentils/beans.

All dekalitre variations are served as dry dekalitre. The water to lentil magnitude relation is sometimes 5:1 for normal dekalitre, whereas it’s two,5:1 for the dry dekalitre variations. If a sterilizer isn’t used, it’s typically necessary to feature a touch further water to atone for the evaporation.


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