Ingredients :

• two oz basmati rice

• four cups full-fat milk

• 3–4 oz sugar

• four cardamom pods

• Saffron – 3–5 threads

• few raisins (optional)

• few split pistachios or

almonds (optional)

Cooking directions :

Rinse rice. mix all ingredients, except raisins and pistachios, during a pot and convey to an occasional simmer. cowl and cook for one hour or till the rice begin to interrupt apart –the consistency shouldn’t be sort of firm rice pudding, however a lot of sort of a soup. Add raisins. Cool in white goods, garnish with pistachios and serve.

For someone United Nations agency hasn’t created kheer before the number of rice can appear insufficient, however, rest assured, the rice take in heaps of milk. to stop or minimize the milk from burning use all-time low attainable flame.


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