The Best French Recipe Ever

The duck breast is cooked in any sauce and is often referred to the turkey or the capon during the holidays. This noble piece, part of the duck’s fattened breast, is appreciated for its fine and tasty flesh.

Whether it’s sweet and salty, like in this marinade with honey and balsamic vinegar or in a more classic version, like this gourmet pea recipe, the piece of meat, before being tested, must be prepared in a very special way.

These are the steps and tips to get the perfect duck, as well as an explanatory video proposed by chef Pierre Lefebvre.

Choose duck breast

To select a quality duck, we begin by orienting ourselves towards the good race. Only the duck “mulard” and the “green collar” have the right to the name “duck”.

Therefore, it is impossible to be wrong if you read the label correctly. So, we prefer Southwest, Organic or Label Rouge meat.

Regarding the appearance, the duck must be well rounded, in no case “raplapla”. It is often vacuum packed, can be stored for longer and can be frozen if necessary.

The necessary utensils for the recipe.

As this recipe involves two cooking modes, it requires different accessories. First, you need the inevitable cutting board, a sharp knife, a baking dish, a non-stick pan and, of course, salt and pepper.

The recipe in 3 steps.

Preparation before cooking

Remove the membrane, the bloody part and the nerves with the knife from the side of the meat of the duck breast.

Degrease the excess fat around. Turn the duck breast and cut the fat, without cutting the meat, in a parallel movement across the width of the duck breast.

Turn over and repeat the same operation perpendicularly. Care should be taken not to space the notches too much (approximately 1.5 cm).

This technique allows you to cook the oily part evenly and make it crispy so you can consume it. Season all the chest on each side.

First cooking pan

Heat the pan over medium heat. When hot, place the fat side of the duck. Melt the fat in the pan for several minutes and remove the excess fat in a bowl while cooking.

You can keep the fat, once cooled, in the fridge in a jar to prepare other recipes like Sarladaise potatoes.

Continue cooking for a few minutes (do not exceed ten minutes in the total cooking time). Turn the chest to the side of the meat and hold it for only 30 seconds.

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