INGREDIENTS : The Most Tasty Salmon Yakitori

7 tablespoon dark soy sauce
7 tablespoon mirin
7 tablespoon sake
2 tablespoon sugar
2 lbs. boneless, skin-on Norwegian
Salmon filet

PREPARATION : The Most Tasty Salmon Yakitori

Mix the soy sauce, mirin, purpose, and sugar in a vast bowl and blend well. Include salmon, hurl to cover, spread dish with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight. Put around 12 wooden sticks into a preparing dish and spread with water; let drench overnight.
The following day, assemble a medium-hot fire in a charcoal flame broil or warmth a gas barbecue to medium high. Channel sticks. String salmon pieces onto wooden sticks and exchange to a plate. Barbecue or sear sticks, turning at times, until salmon is sautéed and cooked through, around 5 minutes.


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